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Review Frenzy

on 6 April 2013

A while ago I decided it would be a good idea to broaden the usual range of books I like to read and offer my services as a reviewer whenever possible. I have had more luck with this than I thought possible. Other emerging writers may like to consider this as a possibility of expanding their knowledge of other authors and styles of writing.

Up till now I have got most of the books from a bookseller’s website but recently I have had some from other sources too. Generally, I am given about a month before a review will need to be typed up onto the website. Sometimes this can be longer whilst at other times it can be much shorter.

This is the problem I have now. I currently have three books waiting to be reviewed. The first one has actually been started now but I have less than a week to finish this novel of over 500 words! I then have one more week for another 400 word novel and two further weeks for the last one.

Yes, this is all brilliant because I love reading. Trouble is that I have normal life to do as well. I usually only manage to read one or two pages at night before I’ve nodded off with the book on my face. It does help that it’s currently school holidays. As I work from home this means that I don’t have to face normal working hours and can manage a chapter or two in the morning before I get up – my prized luxury of the holidays.

So, how will I achieve this reading marathon? I’ll just have to grab every spare minute I can to read more and more. I still think it’s more than worth it, though. The different genres I have come across since I started this have really made me think.

I’ll sign up to try almost anything and am always surprised when I get chosen. It gives me a frisson of a thrill when I receive an unexpected package from the postman (no rude thoughts now, please!). Try it yourselves and see. It might open up a whole new genre to you, as well as improving the range of your writing possibilities.

Good luck,


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